Sun Aug 28 00:41:34 PDT 2016

This is what it's gonna look like I think:

Kind of like GTA, but with no violence. And hovercars. Mostly dialogue and story driven, I think. But also a sandbox. I don't know how I'd pull that off.

I might have the setting be in Sunnyvale and San Jose, and you just drive to Pokemon League and play pokemon or something. I like the idea of recreating where I used to live.

...Maybe it'll just be the bay area but with things added that I wish were there. I really like the hovercar idea though. It'd be pretty funny to just see you go on a roof or something with the car half over the edge, and then turn off the hovering mechanism and just have it *plop* over the side of the building.

Plus, the physics for it would be waaay easier than if it was an actual car lol

As for looks, I think I'm gonna go for something of an inbetween of Killer7 and Wind Waker. Dark, but cartoonish. Always night time too. It'd be especially funny since it's in Sunnyvale. And also it would be way easier to explain away the lack of other cars and NPCs, since that's how Sunnyvale actually is at night.

Sat Aug 27 00:01:39 PDT 2016

I think I'm gonna get back into making games. Seeing the awesome stuff Karai and shakesoda are doing with Love3D in LD35 and LD36 is motivating me. 3D is hard, but they make it look easy and fun.

Hopefully their LD36 submission works on OS X out of the box... I need a good reference to get started.

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